Expert Wood Deck Repairs from Check-Up to Completion

If properly maintained, a wood deck in Massachusetts should last for 15 to 20 years, depending upon the material and environmental forces it’s exposed to. In addition to an annual power washing and re-staining/resealing, the lifespan of your home’s wood deck can be extended by conducting yearly check-ups and repairs. A DIY repair job works well only if you know what you’re doing and have a lot of free time on those warm, sunny weekends.

At Seal-a-Deck, we’ve been specializing in expert deck check-ups, restorations and repairs for Massachusetts homeowners since 2003. What follows is the proven initial evaluation-to- completion repair process we use to keep those decks looking and performing like new, year-after-year.

Deck Check-Up

First, one of our experienced deck pros will walk around, on, and then look under your deck to assess the condition of the wood and supporting structure. Most wood decks in Massachusetts are made from pressure-treated Southern yellow pine or cedar, which are sufficiently resistant to moisture and wear-and-tear when properly maintained. Unfortunately, no deck lasts forever. During the initial deck check-up, our team member will look for:

• Evidence of wood rot including warping and spongy areas

• Splintered boards or board edges that are cupping

• Faded sections that stand out

• Badly rusted metal screws, bolts or fasteners (Saltwater is notorious for causing rust)

• The integrity of the deck’s framework including the posts, ledger boards, and joists

• The condition of the stairs, railings, decking, fasteners, and privacy walls

• Small boreholes in the wood that might indicate insect damage

During the evaluation process, all boards that need to be replaced will be carefully marked. Our pro will also look for nail “pop”, which means some of the nails are sticking out due to contracting and expanding of the wood caused by temperature change. If found, those will need to be replaced by screws to hold the boards securely in place. If the deck’s supporting structure is otherwise sound and sturdy, we’ll provide you with an estimate for the necessary deck repairs. Once you give us the “thumbs up”, a convenient appointment time will be scheduled.

Deck Repairs

All our residential deck repairs and restorations are delivered with the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and customer service. After arriving at your home, our team members will promptly get started on your deck restoration project by using these reliable steps:

1. All marked boards will be torn out and then the debris properly disposed of, recycled or re-purposed. Seal-a-Deck is an eco-friendly company that strongly believes in reducing waste and saving money for our clients.

2. New boards will be installed using long-lasting stainless steel or galvanized fasteners that are hand selected to match the finish of your existing fasteners as closely as possible. Any loose nails or screws will also be replaced with galvanized screws. Based on the initial deck evaluation, we will then perform all the required board replacements for your decking (flooring), steps/stairs, railings, and privacy walls.

3. Any replacement boards will then be custom stained and sealed to ensure the new wood blends naturally with your existing deck’s aesthetics.

4. All remaining debris will be carefully removed from your property while leaving your home and yard just like they were before we first arrived. Prior to heading back to the shop, our ironclad, worry-free guarantee will be explained to you by a repair technician.

While at your home, if you’d like to have the entire deck cleaned and re-stained or resealed, ask us about our affordable deck treatments. Even luxurious natural hardwoods like mahogany and Ipe need to be cleaned and resealed semi-annually, and our pros can reliably handle any type of wood deck restoration so yours will continue to amaze your guests for many years to come!

Want More Free Time? Call the Seal-a-Deck Pros

Doing your own wood deck check-ups and repairs can be time-consuming and labor intensive. If you’d like to enjoy more of those precious summer hours with your family or friends, call Seal-a-Deck. Since 2003, we’ve been breathing new life into the summer gatherings of homeowners in Massachusetts with our full line of deck check-up, refinishing, repair, redecking and new deck construction services. And, as an eco-friendly company, we strongly believe in reducing waste and saving our valued clients money.

For more information about our affordable deck repairs, or to schedule a deck check-up for your home, call Seal-a-Deck today at 978-538-7325. Or, get a repair estimate in minutes by taking advantage of our convenient Instant Quote feature now!


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