Everything You Need to Know About Lighting Options for Your Deck

Whether you’re building a brand new deck or simply fixing up an existing one, you don’t want to overlook the importance of lighting. Not only is it a great way to highlight and accent areas of the deck, but it’s also a necessary safety feature. Here is the essential info you need to know about your deck lighting options:

Light location

When choosing the type of lighting that you’ll install, think about where you’ll want to place them. You can opt for lights on post caps, railings and steps, and on the wall of the home. A combination of these is usually the best way to go, providing the right amount of light in a way that adds style and safety.

Post cap lighting

Post cap lights can be solar, LED, or incandescent. They make for an attractive option that can really enhance the look of your deck, and they’re typically easy to install. You can find them in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to find the ideal match your deck.

Step lighting

Step lighting is a smart way to ensure enhanced safety. They gently illuminate stairs and walkways, and can be positioned underneath the steps, in the risers, or along the side of each step. You can use surface mounted recessed lights, strip lights, or side step lights. Recessed lights come in a wide range of sizes, looks, and types, making it easy to find one that reflects your personal style.

Rail lighting

Rail lights are also referred to as side mount lights. They’re installed on the deck railing posts, providing an illuminating glow that’s ideal for both utility and ambient purposes. These sconces come in a range of sizes and styles.

Make a plan

Observe your deck in the evenings to determine where you want to have the most illumination. The more functional areas of the deck will need brighter illumination. You can use a combination of lighting types to achieve the right look. Take note of how many post caps you’ll need, how many steps you have, and where would be the best spots to install rail lights for brightness.

Save energy with solar power

Solar powered lights are an economical and environmentally friendly option. They typically cast a dimmer light than an electrical one would, so they can be used to complement an existing system.They can also provide ambient lighting that’s ideal for creating a relaxing, intimate atmosphere in the evenings. It’s a great way to bring in additional lighting without having to worry about setting up cords and dealing with wiring. They use safe, long lasting LED bulbs. Simply position them so that they’ll absorb enough natural sunlight through the day. Keep in mind that cloudy weather may impact their brightness.

Deck lighting is a simple way to add style and safety to your outdoor living space. You’ll be able to enjoy your deck in the evenings and entertain guests with ease. No matter what size budget you’re working with, you’ll be able to find an attractive lighting solution that meets your needs.

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