Deck Skirting Options that Add Safety and Style

Deck skirting is used to conceal the area underneath an elevated deck. It’s installed along the support posts using a nailer board and the deck frame. While it isn’t essential to the structural integrity of the deck, it does offer some important benefits, including enhanced safety and style. There are several reasons why you may want to install deck skirting:

- Keeps critters out

You don’t want any unwanted guests setting up a temporary home underneath your deck. When correctly installed, skirting should prevent critters from getting in or from getting too comfortable in the area below your deck.

· Gives the deck a more complete look

While some homeowners may be okay with the look of an open area underneath, many prefer the completed look that skirting provides. It creates a visual base for the deck and can enhance the overall style and design. If curb appeal is important to you, deck skirting is probably a must-have.

Material and Style Options

· Lattice

Lattice is perhaps the most popular option for easy deck skirting. It can be set into a wood frame and depending on the material, painted or stained to match the rest of the deck. If you have a composite deck, you can usually match the color of it with a corresponding lattice design. Composite lattice offers durability, while wood lattice will need to be stained or painted to keep it both durable and attractive. You can choose to do a square-style or a diagonal lattice. It comes down to your personal preference.

· Vertical Boards

If you prefer a more modern and clean look, vertical deck boards can be used as skirting. They can be painted or stained, and since the wood is already treated, they should hold up well in weather conditions.

· Horizontal Boards

A different direction to install boards is horizontal. There’s really no difference between horizontal deck boards or vertical ones, it’s simply a matter of what look you like better.

· Brick or faux stone

For decks that are less than 2 feet in height, brick or faux stone can be used to add beauty and completely seal off the area under the deck. It gives a completed look and can complement the exterior style of your home.

Add an Access Door or Hinged Panels

Finally, you’ll want to be able to access the area under the deck once the skirting is installed. Including a door or hinged panels in the skirting design makes it easy. You can use this area as a storage space, or simply leave it empty.

If you’ve got at least 2 feet of height under the deck, it can be a good place to store things to keep them safe and out of sight. Keep in mind that at 2 feet in height, you’ll have to crawl in and under to retrieve items. If you have at least 4 feet between the deck and the ground, it’ll be easier to access the area through a door or hinged panels that can be easily removed when needed.


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