Create an Outdoor Oasis with Privacy Walls

deck with privacy wall

Your outdoor space should be just as comfortable as the inside of your home. Through smart design, you can achieve the oasis that you only have dreamed about. You can achieve all of the comfort without sacrificing solitude. SEAL-A-DECK helps customers all across Massachusetts and New England obtain private and beautiful outdoor living spaces that are an extension of your hosting style. These are our favorite ways to get the privacy you want with smart design options from our in-house architects.

Considering Louvered Privacy Walls

If you already have a louvered deck it would be very simple to add any sort of privacy wall to one or more areas to achieve the desired outcome with your space. A louvered wall has overlapping slats that look like a traditional blind. These wall types are sturdier than a traditional lattice but still allows you to enjoy a breeze. Louvered decks and privacy walls are beautiful and functional. You will also enjoy natural light on your deck through the slats. In recent years, movable louvered walls have become more popular for those that only want something to cover at certain times. If you have a pool, this could also be a good alternative. For a more luxurious addition, mahogany is a great option to make a beautiful and sturdy wall to match your aesthetic.

Shadowbox Designs

If you want semi-privacy and a more traditional option, shadowbox privacy walls are an excellent option. These are very popular choices for privacy walls and fences alike. The spacing of the boards allows for a gap, but just enough coverage to maintain privacy on your deck. You can design this privacy wall to match any fencing that you may have as well. This wall type is easy to maintain and can be done with both higher and lower grade materials depending on your budget.

Artistic Wall Options

If you are looking for a privacy wall alternative that will add an artistic centerpiece to your outdoor area, our in-house design team can work with you to make the perfect deck addition. Our crew can use non-traditional options, like planter boxes that are filled with flowers and other vegetation which will give the homeowner privacy. If you’re on a budget, an easy way to achieve privacy without breaking the bank is to install curtains that you can open and close at your leisure. This can be in any design and fabric to add an artistic flair without totally overhauling your deck.

The Design Experts

Although we specialized in the construction and maintenance of your deck, you will find that SEAL-A-DECK provides beautiful and modern options to create an outdoor oasis on any budget. We have over 15 years of experience designing decks with and without privacy walls that stand the test of time. Don’t wait another day to achieve the haven you deserve. Give us a call today at 1-877-SEALADECK to get the process started. We also have an easy-to-use instant quote form that you can complete at your convenience and get your information in a flash.

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