Classic Signs That Your Deck Railings Need Replacing

Every year in Massachusetts, news stories inform us about people who are needlessly injured when aging deck railings give way while they’re leaning on them. As a result, many sustain life-threatening injuries and some victims, unfortunately, die. If you’re a homeowner with an aging wood deck, those stories are certainly concerning. And, your deck’s tired old railings and balusters will also lower your home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, there are several classic signs to look for when your deck railings need repairs, starting with these from the Seal-a-Deck team.

Deck Railing Warning Signs

When conducting a DIY deck inspection every spring, keep in mind who will be using your outdoor space, including small children, pets and elderly adults. One of the most important aspects of a deck check-up that’s completed by a Seal-a-Deck technician is assessing the railings and balusters for these damage warning signs:

• Are the balusters securely fastened to the rails?

• Do the posts, rails or balusters have soft spots from wood rot or bug infestations?

• Are the balusters or railings loose or wobbly?

• Is any of the wood badly split, cracked or warped?

• Are the railing posts securely anchored to the deck frame with lag screws or carriage bolts, and the posts and rails free of damage?

• Are the balusters a maximum of 4 in. apart in compliance with local building codes?

As a side note, if your deck is more than 30 in. off the ground it’s required to have a perimeter guardrail system. And, that’s just common sense if you’re a homeowner who has kids.

Our Deck Railing Repair Services

If you decide to hire Seal-a-Deck to perform your deck railing repairs, our crews use a meticulous process with an utmost focus on safety and aesthetics that includes these proven steps:

1. Damaged posts, rails and balusters are torn out and then the debris is properly disposed of, recycled or re-purposed.

2. The necessary repairs and replacements are then carried out while using galvanized or stainless-steel screws, bolts and fasteners that are hand selected to match your existing deck’s fasteners. The replacement products we use are of the highest quality, and all repairs are done in compliance with local building codes.

3. Once your new posts, rails and balusters are anchored in place, our technicians will then apply a customized deck stain or sealer to ensure that the new wood blends as naturally and seamlessly as possible with the rest of your structure.

4. Our crew will then leave your home and yard just like they were before they arrived!

Is it Time to Spruce Up those Railings?

A railing repair project is also the perfect time to give your tired old deck’s look a facelift. There are many ways to spruce up your deck railings with some creative and budget-friendly design ideas, such as:

• Adding a different material like luxurious mahogany or Ipe, or a low-maintenance, long-lasting choice like PVC, metal, glass or composite.

• Changing your balusters from vertical to horizontal or diagonal.

• Using stainless steel cable rails that are virtually maintenance free.

• Introducing some soft rail lighting for late-night dining or entertaining.

• Installing a privacy wall for added sun-bathing serenity in a contrasting material to the rest of your deck.

If you’d like some other creative deck railing ideas, please visit our website now at:!

Your Deck Repair Aficionados in Massachusetts

Replacing tired old deck railings can be challenging if you don’t have much experience or lack the free time. Put your mind at ease and spend your weekends doing something fun instead by calling the deck aficionados at Seal-a-Deck. Since 2003, we’ve been providing homeowners in Massachusetts with a full line of affordable and reliable residential deck services including check-ups, repairs, redecking projects and new deck constructions.

And, as an eco-friendly company, Seal-a-Deck further believes in reducing waste and saving our valued clients money. If we can assist you, call us today at 978-538-7325, or get a confidential repair estimate within minutes by using our convenient Instant Quote feature now!


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