Add A Beautiful Privacy Wall Design For The Perfect Outdoor Deck

Your deck should be the ideal spot for relaxing outdoors - morning coffee overlooking the garden, reading in the afternoon, or cocktails at sunset. If you’re not using your deck as much as you’d like, there’s a design improvement that can make it more comfortable and practical. Does the deck feel too exposed? Do you have neighbors just a few feet away?

A deck can feel baking hot compared to a garden area, and in cooler weather, a strong breeze can drive you back inside. Protection from wind, cooling greenery, and privacy from neighbors will dramatically improve your deck, turning it into an inviting outdoor space you can use much of the year.  All of this can be accomplished with the addition of a deck privacy wall.

Privacy walls provide a windbreak and create a secluded area that gives you a feeling of privacy, even in neighborhoods where homes are very close together. Depending on the design, a privacy wall can also mute traffic noise, add gardening space, and keep your neighbors from seeing you in your pajamas in the morning - cappuccino, anyone?

deck with privacy wall
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Whether you’re adding new walls to your deck or replacing existing ones that have deteriorated, you can count on our deck privacy walls to match the architectural design and quality of your existing home. Our custom design team will assess your particular issues, and work with you to create a privacy wall that’s an outstanding design improvement to your deck. Here are some of our favorite options;

Flower Box Natural Deck Privacy Walls:

Adding a privacy wall to your deck can cut off views of your yard and garden.  A privacy wall with planting boxes creates a green enclosure, bringing that garden feeling up onto the deck. Plants also add moisture to the air and help cool the space down.  A natural privacy wall can be planted with vines, small shrubs, climbing roses, or even vegetables and herbs - a kitchen garden right by the kitchen!

Flower Box Natural Deck Privacy Wall
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Flower Box Privacy Walls come in a variety of designs and configurations - against a wall of solid planks, shadowboxed or louvered panels, or even lattice, we’ll mount planter boxes. The more densely planted your privacy wall, the more it will reduce neighborhood noise, wind, and heat.   If you love to garden, a planted privacy wall gives you an instant container garden and a beautiful green backdrop for entertaining.

Framed-Lattice Deck Privacy Walls

A framed-lattice privacy wall consists of a grid of intersecting wood strips - diagonal patterns are popular, and square grids are found in both traditional and modern homes. Lattice panels are surrounded by wood framing for stability, and often have creative designs like oval “window” openings or trompe l’oeil perspective.

framed-lattice privacy wall
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Lattice can be built in many different sizes and densities, so you can customize the design to control airflow and views. Keep the design more open to maintaining a view of the yard, or choose closely-spaced slats for more privacy. Lattice walls provide trellises for climbing plants, so with patience, you can use a lattice structure to create a solid wall of green after a few seasons. If you don’t have space for a fully planted privacy wall, a lattice design is a great solution.

framed-lattice privacy wall
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Louvered Deck Privacy Walls

Louvered privacy walls are more substantial than lattice designs - they provide more privacy, but still let light and air pass through.   Overlapping, horizontal wood slats are set at an angle, just like blinds or shutters for your windows - except they’re stationary.

Louvered Deck Privacy Wall
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A louvered wall increases the privacy of your deck while still allowing natural light to filter through.  Like shutters, it can function to protect a seating area from strong gusts of wind, or the hot rays of a sunrise or sunset, keeping you and your guests cooler. If a solid privacy wall would make your deck too dark, a louvered privacy wall might be the perfect solution. 

Shadow Box Deck Privacy Walls

Much like a fence, a shadow box wall design gives you more privacy than lattice; but it’s not quite a solid wall. Offset planks will allow soft breezes and some light to filter through.  A shadow box design has vertical slats that sit on opposite sides of the horizontal framing. Like a shadowbox fence, this wall design looks solid from the front, but you can see gaps between the planks when viewing it from an angle. It does offer some wind protection, but keep in mind that passersby can peek through the gaps.

Shadow Box Deck Privacy Wall
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These are just a few of the options to consider when you add or replace privacy walls on your deck.  Our experienced team of deck specialists and designers will hand-craft a wall that suits your deck and lifestyle.

Whether you wish to customize one of these popular deck privacy wall styles or have us create a custom design just for you, we’d love to help. Contact the qualified professionals at Seal-A-Deck at 978-538-7325 or online to discuss your options, and get an instant quote.


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