A Bright Idea: Transform Your Deck with Lighting

bright idea transform deck with lighting

Could your deck use an update this season? Here’s a bright idea—install some new lighting! When it comes to lighting up your deck, the possibilities are almost endless, and even a minor installation can have a major impact on your deck’s overall atmosphere. That said, there’s more to deck lighting than meets the eye. Let’s illuminate this topic further.

Why Light Up Your Deck?

New deck lighting can certainly alter and enhance the way your deck looks, but this isn’t the only perk. Proper lighting is also a key component of deck safety, especially if you plan on enjoying your outdoor spaces at night. Without sufficient visibility, you, your family, and your guests are at greater risk of running into objects, tripping, and falling off your deck. For these reasons, it’s especially important to light up your stairs and rails (if applicable).

Ultimately, the functionality and fashionability of deck lighting work hand in hand—your deck will simultaneously look more inviting and be safer for everyone on it.

Different Types of Wood Deck Lighting

There is no shortage of options when it comes to lighting your deck. First, you must navigate the various types of lights, taking into account their energy use, coloration, brightness, heat, size, versatility, and ease of installation. LED lights are a popular option, as they don’t require a great deal of electricity, last a long time, don’t overheat, and come in a variety of sizes, colors, brightness levels, and mounting options. That said, low-voltage halogen lights are sometimes used for decks as well.

Many homeowners also opt for solar lighting, as these lights gain energy from the sun during the day and emit that energy at night, reducing electricity use. These lights often turn on automatically when a certain level of darkness is reached, and turn off when the sun comes up. Of course, you might also go for motion-detection lights that turn on when someone is near, and/or lights that you can turn on and off manually.

How to Light Your Deck

Just as there are several types of deck lights to choose from, there are many ways to light your deck, both in terms of location and dispersal. For instance, you might have several small LED lights spread along the edges of your deck, including your rails and stairs. Your deck rail lights might consist of post cap lighting, which is placed at or inside the top of each post on your railing, or/as well as lower lights along the base of the rail/top of the stairs. You might also opt for post-mounted deck rail lighting which illuminates the inside and/or outside of rails while also pointing downward at the stairs.

Rather than posting several small LED lights along their deck and fixtures, some homeowners prefer to place a few larger, more powerful lights above, below, and/or around their deck to illuminate the entire space. The way you light your deck is ultimately a matter of preference, so long as the end result provides ample visibility and doesn’t require a large energy output.

Get Creative and Celebrate with Outdoor Deck Lighting

The primary purpose of deck lighting may be to increase its visibility and safety, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your lighting set-up! Look into deck lights that change color when programmed; consider changing up your lighting for special events like holidays and parties; invest in some string lighting to add visual flair to your deck; there is so much you can do with deck lighting, so don’t limit your vision.

Time to brighten up your outdoor space? Our team of experts at SEAL-A-DECK can help you come up with your ideal lighting set-up and bring it to life, as well as assist with takedown and storage. To learn more about us or to schedule a deck check-up today, give us a call at 978-538-7325.


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