What Safety Issues to Look for on Your Deck This Winter

If you’ve lived in New England all your life or just a couple of years you know the impact that winter weather can have on just about every aspect of your life. SEAL-A-DECK’s experts want you to know that your deck is no less susceptible to winter safety issues. Keeping your family safe and your deck in the best shape year-round is our priority. Here are the top changes and things to look for on your deck throughout the winter to ensure its security.

Why Teak Is the Right Wood for Outdoor Furniture in Cold Climates

When it’s time to choose furniture for your deck and patio, SEAL-A-DECK recommends investing in teak wood furniture. We love all of the benefits that teak wood brings to our New England customers and advocate for this material at every chance. Here are the top reasons why teak is the way to go when looking for outdoor furniture in even the harshest of climates.

Why Our Redecking Formula Can Help You This Winter

Although the term redecking may sound like you’re getting a completely new deck, SEAL-A-DECK wants to help you understand what you are getting when your contractor suggests this service. When you redeck, you are preserving the substructure of your current wooden deck. This area is usually protected and sheltered from most environmental conditions, but even the parts you cannot see need professional attention from time to time.

The Best Lighting Designs for Safe Snowy Decks

If you are a homeowner anywhere in the New England area, you’re familiar with how snow can affect your home and deck. Although we are no stranger to severe winters, there are steps we can take to make sure our homes are as safe as possible. Deck lighting can be an easily installed, budget-friendly, and beautiful addition that provides that extra layer of safety for your family when your deck is covered in ice and snow. The professionals at SEAL-A-DECK recommend considering the following options to light up your snowy deck.

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