How to Tell When Your Deck Stairs are No Longer Safe

Making sure your deck stairs are sturdy and safe is just as important as maintaining your deck. If you have serious concerns about your deck stairs, only a licensed contractor can determine whether your stairs comply with local building codes. However, you can check your deck stairs for general safety issues, and then call an expert for advice and repairs. Before you start, clean your deck and remove all debris from between boards. Accumulated leaves and dirt hold moisture and encourage rot, so it’s important to check every nook and cranny. This is our recommended procedure for inspecting deck stairs:

Add an Elegant Touch to Your Deck Railing with Outdoor Lighting

Deck rail lighting enhances the appearance of your deck at night, illuminating architectural details like posts and balusters and creating a soft, glowing ambiance. Outdoor floodlights can cast unattractive shadows and shine brightly into your eyes, making it harder to see. The ambient light of deck rail lighting is gentler on the eyes and directs the light exactly where it’s needed. A well-thought-out lighting plan for your deck can work together with other outdoor lighting to create a beautiful and inviting backyard both day and night.

Add A Beautiful Privacy Wall Design For The Perfect Outdoor Deck

Your deck should be the ideal spot for relaxing outdoors - morning coffee overlooking the garden, reading in the afternoon, or cocktails at sunset. Deck privacy walls provide a windbreak and create a secluded area that gives you a feeling of privacy, even in neighborhoods where homes are very close together.

Use These Deck Post Materials to Improve Your Deck’s Longevity

Your Massachusetts home’s wood deck has two types of deck posts- rail posts and support posts. The rail posts are used to anchor the railings and balusters, while the support posts, as the name implies, hold up your entire structure. But the wood that comprises your posts, which is usually pressure-treated pine or cedar, takes an annual beating from damaging forces including wind, moisture, sunlight and wood-boring insects.

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