6 Common Patio/Deck Repairs to Make Before Summer

6 common patio deck repairs before summer

Summer doesn’t technically begin until June 20th, but for most regions in the U.S., the warm weather has already arrived. And while you, like so many others, may be eager to enjoy the sunshine on your deck or patio, you should first inspect these features for damage and signs of weakness. After all, if you want to get the most enjoyment out of your deck this summer, you want to make sure it’s sturdy, safe, and beautiful. Here are six common repairs you or your deck and patio contractors might make before summer gets into full gear.

1. Check for Rotted Wood

All outdoor wooden features are susceptible to rot, especially if they’re not thoroughly sealed and undergo harsh environmental conditions on a regular basis. If left unchecked, even an isolated case of wood rot can spread and wreak havoc on your deck or patio’s structure. So, before enjoying your deck, look for signs of rot (i.e. discoloration, softened wood). If you come across rotted wood, you may need to replace portions of your deck. If the damaged area is small enough, though, a simple repair job may be all that’s required.

2. Remove Mold, Mildew, Algae

When the conditions are right (i.e. damp and warm), various types of fungi can make a home on your deck or patio. These unwanted visitors aren’t just eyesores—they can also lead to deterioration. Thoroughly clean your deck by either scrubbing or pressure washing it with the right mixture of water and wood-safe detergent. Make sure all traces of mold, mildew, algae, etc. are gone. Otherwise, they might grow back.

3. Fill Minor Cracks

It’s not uncommon for wood to crack and splinter over time. Moisture can enter the wood’s pores and expand or contract as temperatures rise and fall. The impact from fallen debris can also fracture your deck or patio. Whatever the cause, these cracks make your deck even more susceptible to damage and invasion, so the sooner you close them up, the better. Minor cracks can be easily repaired with a wood sealer, caulking gun, and/or putty knife. Of course, a simple deck repair job might not be enough to mitigate larger fractures.

4. Replace Broken Boards

If the cracks or gaps mentioned above are severe, you may need to replace those areas of your deck or patio. The same goes for warped or bent boards.

5. Reinforce or Replace Loose Rails and Stairs

If your deck or patio features stairs and handrails, it’s imperative to assess their integrity. Loose or broken rails and stairs present a major safety hazard for children and adults alike. Make sure your deck railings are securely fastened and free from rot, holes, cracks, etc. Likewise, your deck stairs should be secure, flat, straight, and visible so people can safely ascend and descend them.

6. Reseal Your Deck/Patio

Sealing your deck or patio might not constitute as a “repair,” but doing so will certainly reduce the need for repairs in the future while simultaneously enhancing your deck or patio’s appearance, restoring color and sheen to faded wood. A quality deck seal should last about 2-3 years before a new coat is required. If it has been this long or longer since your last coating, consider having this done before summer.

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