5 Tips That Will Guarantee A Successful Outdoor Party!

Graduation season and Father’s Day are quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate your dads and grads than with a lovely outdoor party? Whatever your occasion, we have some tips for you to help make your outdoor parties a breeze this summer!

1. Develop traffic patterns

When you’re outside at a large party, what’s worse than trying to get through a cluster of people to get back into the house? Or wondering how you’re supposed to get from point A to point B? As the host, clearly establishing traffic patterns before your guests arrive will save you a headache and also help your guests. If you’re going to have a food table on the deck, be sure that there aren’t any tables or chairs that will be in the way. Also, it may be helpful to put the food table close enough to the grill that the “chef” can easily place items down, but not so close that people are bumping them or getting in the way!

Seating can sometimes get crowded as well, so setting up furniture before guests arrive and spacing them how you see fit will be beneficial. Leave enough walking/standing space in the middle of the deck and create a clear path to enter and exit. Of course, people will move things around, but they are less likely to crowd areas with furniture if you have already set the boundaries. You take pride in your deck, so show it off and maximize its space to the fullest. Your guests will thank you for it!

2. Make sure you have enough sitting space

Your guests might not mind standing and walking around to socialize, but they will want to sit while they eat. Getting a total head count is just as important for seating purposes as it is for food. Make sure that you have enough chairs or other furniture pieces for the majority of your guests to sit, and if you don’t, encourage guests to bring their own. You can do this by sending out a quick email, or asking a friend or neighbor beforehand if you can borrow theirs.

3. Add outdoor felt pads to the bottom of your furniture

You spent a lot of money and time making sure that your deck looks beautiful, and you don’t want to ruin that after one party! It is inevitable that your guests will drag furniture, and you may even do it yourself. To prevent scratching and extra wear on the floors, purchase outdoor felt pads and apply them to the bottoms of chairs. This will not only make them easier to push around, but it will also decrease the chances of you having to live with unsightly scratches for the rest of the summer.

4. Place grill mats under/around your grill

Grilling can get messy. Grease, food, ashes, they can all drip or fall onto your deck and may not be easy to clean up. Place grill mats under and around your deck to catch any drippings. Grease can be slippery but it can also stain. Having mats will make your cleanup a breeze! Just wipe down the mats and you’re good to go. We’re a big fan of easy clean up and these mats will assist in that while also protecting your deck.

5. Consider adding a rack for grill tools

If your grill doesn’t already have a hanging rack or shelf to place your tools, considering adding one. If that isn’t an option, bring out a sheet pan to place your tools on. Tools can get extremely hot while grilling and they also get dirty and greasy. Placing your hot, greasy tools on top of your railings can stain them or possibly burn them. People will touch railings as well, and that mess can brush off onto someone’s clothing. Being organized will help you have a better grilling experience and help to keep things tidy.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Enjoy your outdoor living space, celebrate with friends and family, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy grilling!


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