4 Tips For Keeping Your Deck Bug Free

The summer months are some of the best. Vacations, outdoor fun, a lot of sun, and if you’re in New England, lots of bugs! Bugs can be a nuisance, especially mosquitos, and they can really ruin a beautiful evening outdoors. What’s worse than having to move your cookout indoors because the mosquitos are relentless? If you’re a mosquito magnet, I’m sure you agree. Take a look at our 5 tips for a mosquito free deck area!

Ways to Make Your Deck Mosquito Free

1. Tiki Torches Along the Deck

Tiki torches come in all different designs and styles, and are great for fending off the bugs. Some are filled with citronella, which is an insect repellent, and for the ones that aren’t, the smoke alone will help to keep the bugs away. Bugs don’t like smoke, so keeping a lit torch nearby is a great way to keep the bugs at bay. Worried about them tipping over, or not sure where to place them? Secure them to your deck with a 1” 2-hole strap for rigid conduit, and you don’t have to worry. Want us to install these for you? We can do it while we do your annual maintenance!

2. Place Fans on the Deck

This is something that I learned firsthand while in Haiti where the bugs are awful. They don’t like fans! Have you ever noticed that on a particularly breezy night, there aren’t as many bugs around? Put some fans on your deck and it will help to minimize the threat of mosquito bites. We like these tower fans, but any fan will do. Added bonus: they’ll help keep you cool on those hot summer nights!

3. Grow Bug Repelling Plants

Do you have a garden? Add some of these plants to it, a they’re known to help repel certain insects, including mosquitos.


Marigolds are commonly found along the front of people’s houses and around their decks. These plants are aesthetically pleasing and they contain Pyrethrum, which is commonly found in insect repellents. Mosquitos in particular find their scent to be offensive, and they stay away.


Horsemint emits a scent similar to incense, which masks the scent that mosquitos are attracted to. Horsemint also contains Coumarin, which is found in most insect repellants. The plant is similar to citronella, and has beautiful flowers that bloom. It’s a versatile plant that can do well in almost all conditions. It also does particularly well in salty climates, so if your house is not far from the ocean, this is perfect.


Mint is a great herb for summer. From mojitos to water with fresh mint in it, it’s very refreshing. This herb also keeps the mosquitos away. You can simply grow it near your deck to keep them at bay, or rub the herb on your skin for a natural repellent.

4. Incense

The combination of the smoke and the scent is sure to keep the mosquitos far away if you burn incense. They don’t like it at all! Be careful not to get ashes all over your deck surface, but burning incense is a great way to stay clear of mosquito bites. Some people also love the scent so it’s a win-win!


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